Income | Investing | Expenses Tracking Sheet

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Income | Investing | Expenses Tracking Sheet

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It is a Google Sheet and Google Data Studio Dashboard Connected to each other.

By looking at this Dashboard you can see

1.       How much is Your Spending for the Year

2.     How much You have earned for the Year

3.     Which category have spent the most during the year

4.    How much you will have at the end of this year in Your savings account

5.     How much You have invested this year into the stock market

You will get 2 Links.

Open the Link, Go to File and Make a Copy to Edit.

If you want to learn more about how you can implement the sheet. Check this post by me explaining it.

How Much I am Going to Make in 2022


If you come across any errors, just send me a DM on Twitter

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5 Google Sheets (Transaction, Income, Fixed Expenses, Other Expenses, Investing and List) with Google Data Studio Dashboard

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